10 Cutest Baby Animals You Need To Pet

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10 Cutest Baby Animals You Need To Pet Want to see the cute Fiona hippo yourself- Visit Cincinnati Zoo Today- https-cincinnatizoo-org If you-re new- Subscribe- - http-goo-gl-djmfuX Facebook- https-www-facebook-com-Top5BestShow Top 5 Best is the -1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday- Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video- Leave a like for more shark tank- pawn stars- dr- phil- and other tv show business content- On Top 5 Best- we like to help you in mindset productivity- whether it-s how to make more money videos- or going over the biggest mansions in the world- we show everything here- Make sure to subscribe for more amazing videos everyday- family friendly pg clean I guess by now you already realized how much we love animals on this channel- There are tons of videos about them and you should check them out if you haven-t done so- But if you clicked on this video it is because you want to see the -10 Cutest Baby Animals You Need to Pet- I went ahead and searched for as many baby animals as I could and I came up with this list that I-m sure will melt your heart- So let-s go and explore different corners of the world to find where these cute little animals live- Check out the ones I have at the top of the list-they-re by far the cutest animals I-ve ever seen and if you haven-t pet one yet- you might want to change that soon- Polar Bears Every year- around the months of December and January- a new batch of polar bears is welcomed into the Arctic- It-s a very exciting time for polar bear families because these little ones usually come in pairs and sometimes- they even welcome three of these cute babies at the same time- The mother usually gives birth once every three years- but in some areas some bears might give birth every two years- Once the babies are delivered- they stay with their moms until the spring- towards the end of March and the month of April- Their most preferred activities are nursing and lots of cuddles from their moms- because their fur is not developed enough to help them stand the cold- Another interesting fact is that these cubs are born with their eyes closed- which keeps them quite inactive for their first stage of life- Hippos Hippos are massive animals- but have you seen their babies- They-re so small and weigh so little compared to the sizes of their adult counterparts- In fact- a baby pygmy hippo- which is native to West Africa- weighs just a little more than some of the big newborn human babies- And still-hippos only spend 8 months inside their moms- that-s even less than most humans- And just like all mammals- hippos need their mommas for nursing- but in the case of hippos-they learn to do it underwater- Hippos spend at least 16 hours in the water- so their babies develop a skill that allows them to keep their ears and nostrils closed while they get the food from their mom- But interestingly enough- they don-t swim Cheetah The cheetah is not only the fastest animal on land- but it is also a very intimidating creature- However- their babies are the total opposite- They are so cute and so small that you will just want to hold them and pet them Weighing less than a can of soda- baby cheetahs are defenseless and very dependent on their mom- They are born in groups of three and sometimes even five cubs in one go- While the adult version of this animal is popular for their spotted fur- the cubs have a darker- ash gray colored fur Orangutan Orangutans are known to be very cuddly and caring- Sure- trying to hold them can be quite scary once they get to a certain size- but still- they will be happy to pose for your picture as long as you don-t threaten them- But- have you seen their babies- If holding a regular orangutan is already a heart warming experience wait until you see the little ones- Their small faces are all wrinkled and their hands and feet are probably the thinnest you-ve seen- but they will be happy to give you a hug- The little orangutans are so small that they need a lot of help from their mom- Penguins Clumsy and fluffy are two of the characteristics that make the next baby so cute- the baby penguins- The fairy penguin- the smallest of them all- comes to the world with only 35 grams of weight- looking almost like those chicks you see at the farms- But there-s also another kind of penguin called emperor- which can weigh 315 grams at birth- and that-s one you might remember from the movie Happy Feet- Tigers And here-s another animal that will scare you once it reaches adulthood- but it will make you wanna cuddle and hold it tightly as a baby- I-m talking about the tigers- These babies are born in a secluded and safe space that their mom chooses for them to come into the world- They are born blind- weighing a bit less than a kilo- which makes them very dependent on their mother to learn the ways of this world-  -viralstory -amazingpeople -top5best

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